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Scoglitti - English version

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The small church dedicated St. Francis was built at the end of the 18th century as a private chapel for the Marquis Ferreri, and was entitled to the Holy Mary of Portosalvo. With the ending of the feudality (1812) it was kept by the fishermen of Scoglitti. Today the church is used only for the cult of "San Franciscuzzu", a very small wooden statue of St. Francis of uncertain origins, provenance and dating, but an object of great devotion for the community. Holy Mary of Portosalvo (Santa Maria di Portosalvo). The Church built in 1930 was restored about 10 years ago. The apsidal shelters a large mosaic. The Liberty Style. Although less abundant, it is possible to admire buildings in the style at Scoglitti in: Via Amalfi, Via Regina Elena (n.17), Via Taranto, Via Domicolo (n.7) and especially in Via Siracusa (n. 17, 19, 25). On a hillock that overlooks the beach of Cammarana rises the hunting lodge of the Pancari family, in liberty style but in a state of abandon. Top Feasts and Appointments. Easter - Good Friday- The Procession of Christ towards the Calvary (Piazza Sei Martiri) The evening of Good Friday a sacred play 'I Parti' (the "mysteries") is held; text of centenarian tradition by Alfonso Ricca (Vittoria). Afterwards the Procession towards the Mother Church: the "coffin" of Christ ("catalettu") is followed by the Lady of Sorrows (pierced by a dagger) takes place. 24 June - 1st Sunday of July. Feast of the Patron Saint - St. John. A procession of the simulacrum takes place along the streets of the city; plus folklore and sport-competitions ending with spectacular fireworks. 14 August: The Assumption. The Feast is celebrated at Scoglitti, besides the traditional Auction with offerings of sweets and firstlings donated by the devoted, worthy of being seen is the competition of the "Antinna a Mare" ("the stake at sea"). Numerous barefooted-temerarious try to walk on a greased ships mast tied horizontally to a boat at sea. The first person to grab the flag posted at the end of the mast wins. 19th of March: St. Joseph 1st of May: St. Francis of Paola 22nd of May: St. Rita of Cascia 13th of June: St. Anthony of Padova 30th of June: The Blessed Heart 30th of July: St. Francis of Paola (at Scoglitti) 8th of December: The Immaculate Conception 13th of December: St. Lucia SOCIAL-CULTURAL APPOINTMENTS: EMAIA (four annual editions) - St. Martin's and Summer Fair: a trade fair; - Home Decorating and Fashion Showrooms; - Agro industrial exposition For unpublished free themed stories and poems. Ninfa Camarina L'angolo del Poeta And more: The Theatrical Season - the Film Clubs and Debates - the Concerts and the Conferences held by the various town cultural associations, ecc. make of Vittoria a city in continuous cultural and social growth. Top

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